Nollywood Actor Wale Ojo Covers House of maliq January Edition 2018

HOME; What is it that really motivates A: 
WO ; Passion. Excitement. Energy. Any individual woman or man that communicates those qualities to me i want to listen to them endlessly. Those qualities are what motivates me no end.I am frequently inspired by passion for work that comes from an idea, a piece of sculpture, a musical score a verse of ancient african poetry.

HOME: What do you remember about your first ever movie role?
WO: My first movie role was for a gangster flick set in the east end of London. It was called THE HARD CASE. I was actually begged to play the role coz the entire movie had a budget of 3000 pounds! So the director told me point blank that they couldnt afford to pay me but he really wanted me to play the role.The producer too was very excited! I shot the film and i enjoyed it..i even got my flatmate at the time to be in the film with me. Years later i am talking to the director and his best friend the producer and i am amazed as to how far they have come , from that no budget short film to being two of the most sought after directors in the world today ..and their names..guy ritchie and matthew vaughn..lifes wonderful 

HOME: What would be the most exciting role for you to play in a nollywood movie?
WO: I would love to play an african comic super hero. The naija equivalent of black panther or Thor god of lightning! And it would be set in a futuristic city complete with mad !monsters and juju warlords! Of course my character has to be the saviour hero at the end of the day!

HOME: So if house of malliq were to be inside the mind of wale ojo what would we find?
A: (loud uproarious laughter) hahahahaha! You will find chaos! Total chaos! But with a certain kind of order there i hope! You will find a lot of different characters running around to be sculpted and moulded onto a movie screen. You will find a community where actors and musicians are the ruling elite and the innocence and purity of a child is our heart’s pursuit. You will find an endless daydreamer spinning tales of Soyinka, Shakespeare and Baba-sala! Shall i go on? We will be here all day ooo….hahaha

HOME: What would you say is the future for nollywood?
WO: A very exciting one.We are beginning to fast develop an industry where people who are saying now…”oh i dont normally watch nollywood movies””i cant wait to see my next naija flick!!”..The demographic is changing very fast and its going to get better. I am currently in Los Angeles developing some projects here and the Nigerians on ground here are very excited to be part of the new nigeria cinema revolution! Thats what it is really..a cinematic renaissance that can take over the world.You can call it by whatever name you want but the final yardstick must be in the content we produce! I repeat in the content we produce and to work hard and HONESTLY to make that work stand comparison with cinema anywhere else in the world!

Photography- studioq_nigeria 

Styled and costumed by – St_calypsowears 

Directed by – Malik Zenishia Zainab

Graphics- Malik Zenishia Zainab 

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